Sara G. Prado

Education 2015-2018               North Carolina State University            Raleigh, North Carolina

  • PhD in Applied Ecology
  • Degree in Zoology

2010-2012               North Carolina State University            Raleigh, North Carolina

  • MS in Entomology
  • Degree in Entomology with a concentration in Ornamental Pest Management.

2007-2010               McGill University                                     Montreal, Québec

  • BSc in Environmental and Agricultural Sciences (Honors)
  • Degree in Environmental sciences with a concentration in Biodiversity and Conservation.

2005-2007               John Abbott College                               St-Anne-de-Bellevue, Québec

  • College Diploma in Pure and applied sciences. Graduated in June 2007

1998 – 2005            Collège Charlemagne inc.                        Pierrefonds, Québec

  • High School Diploma in both Pure Sciences and the International program.  Graduated in June 2005.
Research Related Work May 2018 – Present – Research Associate, Department of Applied Ecology, NCSU

  • I am currently working on disseminating the results of my PhD research to NRCS and USFWS in Puerto Rico.

December 2017 – May 2017- Information and communications coordinator, CALS International Program, NCSU

  • I was responsible for keeping the College of Agricultural and Life Science’s International Program website content up to date.

September 2017 – December 2017- Graduate Trainer for Global Academy, CALS International Program, NCSU

  • I assisted visiting scholars from around the world who were visiting NC State University to receive training from researchers and professionals on various programs related to agricultural and life sciences. I also provided translations for scholars from French speaking countries.

October 2012-2015- Research Assistant

  • I surveyed native bees and the plants they foraged on, in agricultural fields in Puerto-Rico and St-Croix.

January 2011 – May 2011 – Teaching Assistant

  • I worked as a teaching assistant for Dr. Clyde Sorenson’s undergraduate class “Insects and People”.

Summer 2009 – Volunteer Researcher

  • Worked as a volunteer Researcher for Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica, where I did research on 8 common ant species in the Madre de Dios area of the Peruvian Amazon.
  • Worked with the NGO Fauna Forever Tambopata with mammal monitoring.

Summers 2007 and 2008 – Resident Naturalist

  • Worked as a Resident Naturalist at the Explorer’s Inn lodge in the Amazon jungle of Peru.
Peer Reviewed Publications
  • Terando, A.J., S.G. Prado, E. Youngsteadt (In press) Construction of a compact low-cost radiation shield for air-temperature sensors in ecological field studies. JoVe
  • Prado, S.G., R.E. Irwin & J.A. Collazo (2018) Resurgence of specialized shade coffee cultivation: Effects on pollination services and quality of coffee production. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment. 265: 567-575.
  • Terando, A.J., Youngsteadt, E., Meineke, E.K. & S.G. Prado (2017) Ad hoc instrumentation methods in ecological studies produce highly biased temperature measurements. Ecology and Evoloution. 7(23): 9890-9904. PDF
  • Prado, S.G., H.T. Ngo, J.A. Florez, & J.A. Collazo. (2017) Sampling bees in tropical forests and agroecosystems: A review. Journal of Insect Conservation. August: 1-18. PDF
  • Prado, S.G., S.E. Jandricic & S.D. Frank. (2015) Ecological Interactions Affecting the Efficacy of Aphidius colemani in Greenhouse Crops . Insects. 6(2): 538-575.  (
  • Engel, M.S. and S.G. Prado (2014) First record of the cleptoparasitic bee genus Sphecodes from Puerto Rico (Hymenoptera: Halictidae). Journal of Melittology. 39: 1-6.   PDF
  • Prado, S.G. & S.D. Frank. (2014) Optimal foraging by an aphid parasitoid affects the outcome of apparent competition. Ecological Entomology. 39(2): 236-244.   PDF
    ***Editor’s choice April-May 2014
  • Prado, S.G. & S.D. Frank. (2013) Tritrophic effects of plant growth regulators in an aphid-parasitoid system. Biological Control. 66(1): 72-76.   PDF
  • Prado, S.G. & S.D. Frank. (2013) Compact plants reduce biological control of Myzus persicae by Aphidius colemani. Biological Control. 65(2): 184-189.   PDF
  • Prado, S.G., Dowdy, K.E., Irizarry, A.D., and J.A. Collazo. (2017) North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences – Science Cafe “Coffee Economics” (Invited 20 minute presentation) (starts at around 17-minutes)
  • Prado, S.G.,  Collazo, J. A. (2017) Universidad Nacional San Antonio Abab de Cusco, “Café y cacao: Valor y beneficios de cultivos bajo sombra” (Keynote Address)
  • Prado, S.G., Collazo, J. A. (2017) UPR-Utuado, “Pollinators in Coffee Plantations” (Invited 20 minute presentation)
  • Prado, S.G., Collazo, J. A.. (2014) USFWS and Envirosurvey, “Valor y beneficios de las abejas nativas en cafetales en Puerto Rico” (Invited 20 minute presentation)
  • Frank, S.D, Prado, S.G., (2012) Entomological Society of America, “Mechanisms affecting the efficacy of aphid banker plant systems” (Invited 20 minute presentation)
  • Prado, S.G., Frank, S.D. (2012) Ecological Society of America, “Effect of parasitoid host choice on apparent competition between pest and non-pest aphids”  (20 minute presentation)
  • Prado, S.G., Frank, S.D. (2011) Entomological Society of America, “Plant growth regulator effects on pest aphid abundance and suppression using Aphidius colemani” (Invited 20 minute presentation)
  • Prado, S.G., Frank, S.D. (2011), North Carolina State University, Entomology Symposium, “Plant Traits Altering Apparent Competition Between Pest and Non-Pest Aphids”
Reports and Extension Publications
Service and Public Outreach Raleigh Master Plan Advisory Committee member for Dorothea Dix Park, Raleigh, NC

Editorship / Journal reviewer experience:

  • European Journal of Entomology
  • Entomological Science
  • Ecological Entomology
  • PLoS ONE
Grants January 2014-January 2018

  • Puerto Rico DNER “Conservation Design and Habitat Conservation in Puerto Rico.” Collazo, J. A., J. K. Pacifici, E. Laber, B. Reich, and Sara G. Prado.- $1,634,995

September 2012-May 2013

  • USDA-NRCS “Native-Naturalized Plant Species for Pollinators in Agricultural Lands in the Caribbean Area.” J. A. Collazo, Sara G. Prado – $40,000

September 2011 – August 2013

  • USDA SARE Graduate Student Grant “Plant mediated effects on parasitoid efficacy in a banker plant system”  Sara G. Prado and S.D. Frank – $9,930
Awards and Honors June 2011

  • “Meet the Scientist” video for NC Museum of Natural Sciences new wing, Nature Research Center.

August 2016

  • Fluent in English, French and Spanish and can get by in Farsi.
Professional Affiliations
  • Member of IOBC NRS: June 2015- Present
  • Member of Ecological Society of America: April 2012- Present
  • Member of Entomological Society of America: October 2010- Present
  • Member of North Carolina Entomological Society of America: October 2010- Present
  • Member of American Association for the Advancement of Science: October 2010- Present
Technical Skills
  • Statistical Experience:Experience with R and SAS, including with the following types of analyses:
    • ANOVA
    • Factorial analysis
    • Repeated measures ANOVA
    • Non parametric ANOVA and repeated measures
    • Experience in Experimental Design
    • Factorial Design
    • Block Design
  • Behavioral Assays
  • Insect Rearing
  • Plant propagation
  • Conservation and Augmentative biological control methods
  • Bee sampling
  • Hand Pollination
  • Floral Trait Measurements (Pollen quality/quantity, Nectar sugar concentration, Nectar volume)

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