Can you see what I see?

There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing something amazing, being able to record it (video and picture) and then having technology fail you. You know how I know that? Because that’s what happened to me today. I was surveying two river sites, and this morning, there was an amazing abundance of big, beautiful Xylocopa mordax bees, and Centris decolorata. The X. mordax were foraging on Macroptilium lathyroides (commonly known as cow pea, wild bushbean, phasy bean). The bees were at arms length distance from me, so I know the pictures were good. But then, when I went to look at them this aftenoon, they were gone.

Macroptilium lathyroides

Macroptilium lathyroides

Oh well! Next time!

Anyways, on a lighter note, Puerto Rico is gorgeous. I’d like to share a few pictures I managed to take today.
Enojoy :

Osprey eagle

Osprey eagle

Pigs on the river bank

Pigs on the river bank

Sunset behind the field house

Sunset behind the field house

I really shouldn’t complain. This week has been great. We’ve collected two species I hadn’t collected before, the weather has been perfect, and my techs are wonderful.


One response to “Can you see what I see?

  1. Sorry Sara joon. As you said next time youwill record it for others. Cheers!

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